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"Yabusame" the prototype frame for Bike Polo, made in Japan

Hi, everyone!
Let me explain the prototype of Yabusame that is the first Bike Polo frame in Japan.

"Yabusame" test frame only for BikePolo

First of all, Yabusame of the name means an old Japan toxophily
for the samurai to shoot the arrow while running getting on the horseback, like this.

Yabusame frame for Bike Polo is jointly developed
by Okayasu Factory, TUBAGRA, and JBP.

The large pit is open as understood from the image in the head tube and the seat tube.

"Yabusame" test frame only for BikePolo

Such a drillings have been given up to now with the MOZU frame of TUBAGRA,
and it is proven that it is processing that unites lightening to strength.

"Yabusame" test frame only for BikePolo

In the Yabusame frame, the style has been developed further.

Especially, a new hole in the back of the seat tube plays the role to prevent the tire being hit
to achieve extremely short length of the seat stay.

Moreover, the design of the seat stay composed of the welding
follows the design of the Tetz-One frame of JBP.

"Yabusame" test frame only for BikePolo

V brake plinth is welded under the seat stay,
because it is prevented from breaking being beaten brake with Mallets.

Crow, Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo Player, the test rider of Yabusame frame.

He is Mr. Crow who is the player of the Bike Polo scene in Tokyo.

It is scheduled that he tests Yabusame, and the improvement is added.

Details will be able to be announced by the end of several months
though neither the sale time nor the price have been decided.

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